Undergraduate Student Government | USG Monthly Update – August + September 2017
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USG Monthly Update – August + September 2017

USG Monthly Update – August + September 2017

LOS​ ​ANGELES,​ ​CA.​ ​(September​ ​27th,​ ​2017) -​- USG has been working tirelessly throughout the summer and into the beginning of the school year, providing only the best for the USC student body and community. We have made comparable strides in all of our branches in August and September. Our Legislative Branch is proud to present a partnership with the Calm App, a mindfulness application geared towards stress relief and relaxation. USG believes that this is an important step in addressing mental health awareness on campus. Calm will be free for students who sign up through the link (www.calm.com/usc).

Our Advocacy Branch has been pursuing a number of initiatives, ranging from free menstrual care products in bathrooms to a partnership with Metro for undergraduate students. This month, the branch made successful way on initiatives such as the inclusion of adaptive gym equipment in the USC Village Fitness Center and Lyon Center, and the implementation of a Spring Admit Ambassador Program for future Spring Admit students.

In terms of our funding allocations, we have distributed approximately $38,724.15 (~11%) of our funding budget towards over 21 events/organizations in the USC community. If a campus recognized organization would like to receive USG funding, we will be hosting a Funding workshop on Tuesday, October 3rd, with sessions at 8PM, 9PM, and 10PM in the USG office (TCC 224). Our application and process can also be found online at usg.usc.edu.

Our Programming Branch had some notable events this past month such as the APASA Kickoff Concert and ESA’s first ever Member Organization fair. We’re excited to have events upcoming in October programmed by ISA, SEC, BSA, QuASA, APASA, PSA, and PAC. These events can be found on our Facebook page, where our communications branch has been able to consolidate all USG activities so that the student body has a one-stop shop to be in the know of USG events and happenings.

Our new Chief Diversity Officers have been working in collaboration with the Elections and Recruitment team to prioritize recruitment efforts that target a larger number of students from distinct backgrounds. Moving forward, they plan to shift their focus to providing resources to groups or students who may not be aware of the resources USG has to offer to the entirety of the student body

Austin and Morgan have been actively working on their platform points and promises, and are proud to present active shooter training in collaboration with USC DPS through a new training program for safety and emergency protocol to ensure the safest possible environment for our campus community. They are also thrilled to announce that the university will now be providing free blue books and scantrons to the student body. Administration has ordered 25,000 books and is working with each school to figure out proper implementation and distribution.

USG is committed to providing the best undergraduate student experience at the University of Southern California. We hope that this monthly update furthers transparency of our organization, and provides the student body with a better understanding of our organization’s workings and operations.

Attached here is the official document: USG Monthly Update – August Sept