Undergraduate Student Government | About
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The USC Undergraduate Student Government is the official governing body of the nearly 20,000 undergraduates at the University of Southern California. Through extensive advocacy, programming, and funding work, we seek to make a meaningful impact on the undergraduate experience.

The President, the Vice President, and the Senators are popularly elected by the student body in an annual election held in mid-February. The remaining Executive Officers, and members of the Advocacy, Communications, Funding, Judicial, Legislative, and Programming branches, are appointed by a selection committee.

According to the USG Constitution, “all registered undergraduate students at USC shall be members of the Undergraduate Student Government and shall be subject to this Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics.”



USG seeks to make the undergraduate experience the best it can possibly be. From advocating for policy change on campus, programing educational and entertainment events, passing resolutions to pass on to administration, and funding our students in their various pursuits, each administration does its best to make a positive impact on student life at USC.



The student government is made up of six branches that work together to define the USC undergraduate experience: Advocacy, Communications, Funding, Judicial, Legislative, and Programming.


The Advocacy Branch is charged with staying in close contact with key administrators, student organizations, and students about issues affecting students that lie in their area of focus. The members of this branch create solutions to problems that represent a middle ground between students, staff, faculty, and the community.


The Communications Branch acts as the liaison between USG and the student body. The members of the branch strive to maintain transparency from within USG and to communicate all of USG’s events, legislative, funding and advocacy projects. This work is done through Strategic Partnerships, Elections & Recruitment, Marketing, Graphics, Photography, and Videography.


The Funding Branch offers support to student programs, ideas, and development. The members of this branch work to support students in the areas of academic research, leadership, philanthropy, professional, discretionary, and discretionary start up through funding.


The Judicial Branch, in the form of the Judicial Council, serves to discuss and adjudicate all cases where an act by any of the other branches is called into question under USG’s constitution or bylaws.


The Legislative Branch is the representative and decision-making body for undergraduate students in any university or local community issue. Comprised of the Senate, its members seek to represent the interests of the undergraduate students and their specific constituencies.


The Programming Branch of USG, Program Board is made up of 5 special-interest committees and 10 community-focused assemblies all united with the common goal of promoting diversity, education, and entertainment through events on campus.