Undergraduate Student Government | Legislative
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The Legislative branch of USG is the representative and decision-making body for undergraduate students in any university or local community issue. Made up of the popularly-elected Senate, they seek to represent the interests of the undergraduate students and their specific constituencies. Their work is supported by the help of the parliamentarian and secretary.


The Senate consists of 12 elected Senators who represent the interests of the undergraduate students of USC.

If you have an idea or project to make USC a better place, the Senate is a great place to start. Our Senators are passionate about improving USC and love to partner with similarly passionate students. Whether you have a long-term project in mind or just want to change something about campus, contact our Senators to make that vision a reality.

Senators also have a vast knowledge of campus resources and serve as excellent advocates for campus organizations. During their “external office hours” Senators attend student organization meetings to learn how they can best advocate for needs of those students. If you are interested in having a Senator at your student organization, contact the Speaker Pro Tempore.


The Senate has a funding board that students, student organizations, and branches of USG can apply to. Senators vote on whether to fund a project based a presentation made our weekly Senate meeting. To apply for funding for Senate funding for your project or event, contact the Speaker Pro Tempore, four weeks prior to your event.

Senate Meeting Minutes