Trinity Moore & Julian Lin



Hello! My name is Trinity Moore and my name is Julian Lin, and we are thrilled to announce our senatorial run! For the past year, we served in the USG’s funding board, receiving the privilege of listening to personal narratives and handling various administrative tasks to financially support student initiatives, community outreach, and cultural celebrations. Hearing students’ stories is what continues to drive our efforts in promoting active advocacy. While we immeasurably enjoyed the financial side, as a senator, we look forward to dedicating our efforts to expanding resource accessibility, improving student well-being, tackling housing concerns, and extensively working towards more flexibility within students’ pursuit of professional exploration while balancing academics. With your support, we would love to contribute our abiding work ethic and ability to malleably conform to the demands of any professional environment to the USG Senate, all the while serving as a bridge between students and administration.


  • Work closely with the Career Center to generate more opportunities for students to gain valuable Co-Op experience in their pursuit of career exploration
  • Strategize with advising teams across all majors to ensure a way for students to cohesively participate in Co-Op and internship ventures without affecting their course plans and/or graduation dates
  • Collaborate with the Career Center to promote more paid internship opportunities for students of all grade levels
  • Tackle various obstacles that arise regarding unpaid internships, working to create an easier and more financially palpable method in obtaining USC school credit for unpaid internships during the summer semester
  • Partner with USC transportation services to collaborate with lyft in efforts to provide free transportation services for students to commute to and from their unpaid internships within a regulated radius surrounding campus
  • Work on finalizing and improving the vetting process to ensure quality living for students off campus
  • Improving the reliability of printers and increasing the accessibility and amount of printers throughout campus
  • Revise USC’s overall housing policy to ensure that all undergraduate students are guaranteed housing for four years
  • Promote accessibility of basic needs like equal access to food for all students living off campus without a meal plan
  • Coordinate with on-campus libraries to extend hours for studying
  • Continue to expand and promote zero-waste initiative
  • Increase transparency between classes and students during registration by giving students the option to access and view past syllabi for the class
  • Work on extending the hours for the gym, dining halls, and restaurants within campus
  • Installing more bike racks around campus as a means of minimizing DPS bicycle confiscation
  • Coordinate with Greek life leadership to increase philanthropic and communal outreach efforts
  • Promote cohesion and conversation between administration and student body by hosting panels.
  • Continue to expand health facilities, faculty, and outreach and ensuring accountability towards student well-being.
  • Collaborate with organizations like Local USC Moms and Dads on call to ensure that all students feel welcomed and to create a safe and warm space for all
  • Expand efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and assault by implementing workshops and creating new programs
  • Coordinate with local animal shelters to provide stress-relieving opportunities for students
  • Actively coordinate with USC housing to provide increased variety of healthier food options