Hi friends! My name is Kevin Gutierrez and I am a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Dance. As a first-generation student of color, I see the struggles that underrepresented communities face each day; this is why I intend to elevate the voices of vulnerable populations on campus and implement resources vital to our success as students and as human beings. I have had the incredible opportunity to engage with USC’s diverse student community through my involvement with several campus organizations, including USG as a senate aide and the Admission Center as a tour guide. USC has become my home away from home, and I am running for Senator because I want to ensure that all other students can share the same sentiment. I believe that together we can strengthen our Trojan Family and I hope to gain your support in putting our beloved phrase into action: Fight On!

  • Collaborate and design a student wellness center with the intent of transforming USC’s mental health climate.
  • Create and strengthen the number of study spaces open to the USC community, especially around midterms and finals. 
  • Increase student involvement with our surrounding community.
  • Increase opportunities for student organizations to showcase their work.
  • Support a structured system of communication between administration and the USC community when significant events occur.  
  • Implement subsidized transportation between USC and LAX around holidays and breaks. 
  • Create more green spaces on campus and support the protection of existing spaces.
  • Work to replace existing greenery on campus with more environmentally friendly native-to-LA species.
  • Create a physical space on campus for first-generation students and continue to support existing spaces for underrepresented student populations. 
  • Implement effective solutions to address food insecurity within the USC community.
  • Improve policies surrounding non-Christian religious leaves of absence.