We, the Senate of the Undergraduate Student Government of the University of Southern California, wish to express our commitment to confronting the mental health issues facing the student body at USC. As the representative organization of our 20,000 undergraduate students, their needs, concerns, and anxieties, we hereby set the improvement and expansion of mental health resources and care as a top priority for our collective agenda.

Students from all backgrounds and experiences deserve accessible mental health resources that accommodate their needs. We vow this commitment will be met with concrete actions, and that by sponsoring this statement, the aforementioned senators are committing to working on and prioritizing initiatives that address this need on our campus and in our community.  

We vow to continue conversations as a group and as an organization, and collaborate with campus partners to create the change the Trojan Family needs. The Senate will provide an update on the mental health initiatives we are pursuing by October 15th. As advocates for the student body, we welcome suggestions, feedback, and student involvement in accomplishing the task of improving mental health at USC.


SPKR. Emily Donahue

SEN. Benjamin Shiff


September 10th, 2019

Bill No.:




SEN. Randi Anderson

SEN. Angela Chuang

SEN. Omar Garcia

SEN. Haley Garland

SEN. Emily Johnson

SEN. Sara Khoshniyati

SEN. Christopher McMorran

SEN. Rose Ritch

SEN. Hailey Robertson

SEN. Ben Rosenthal