USC Undergraduate Student Government Senator Ben Rosenthal presented his initiatives to improve Oasis and Web Registration at Tuesday’s meeting. By working with the Student Services Initiative (SSI), Rosenthal hoped to provide more convenience and accessibility.

Many students use their MyUSC site daily, so Rosenthal believes “providing a better interface would affect our everyday life.”

Rosenthal and other senators met with an SSI agent several times to work out specific plans, such as enabling more complex research on WebReg for desired classes.

“Sometimes it is annoying to find your registration failed because of one class being full and you have to redo everything,” Rosenthal said.

Additionally, Rosenthal wants to address the inaccurate information displayed on the website. For example, Rosenthal said the financial aid tool, which estimates the living cost of studying at USC, doesn’t truly reflect a student’s situation. He said the figure is based on a general student and does not take into account individual differences. For example, the default dining and housing cost listed are both for students who live on campus and enrolled in a meal plan, Rosenthal said.

Later in the meeting, the Senate passed the CalFresh resolution unanimously.

Resolution in Support of ASUU’s Concerns Regarding the Death of Lauren McCluskey was also approved by the Senate. USG joined other PAC-12 schools to condemn how the University of Utah’s responded to Lauren McCluskey’s death, USG President Trenton Stone said.

The health of the student body, as well as campus safety, should be the primary concern for each institution, Stone said.