Trenton Stone and Mahin Tahsin

Student Body President and Vice President, 2019-20

Platform Points

Administrative Accountability

Demand student representation in University administrative decision-making

Create a student concerns and complaints communication platform

Formalize relationship between Greek organizations and USC administration for greater transparency and access to support resources, particularly during incident investigations

Health, Safety, & Accessibility

Improve the services and accessibility of Engemann Student Health Center, including extending hours of operation, creating an on-campus inebriated-student resource center, and full-cost coverage for STI/HIV screenings

Improve the quality and accessibility of mental-health resources on campus to encourage well-being

Collaborate with DPS to re-configure zoning and distribution of officers

Disability Access to Road Transportation (DART) operating hours expansion

Create an online accessibility toolkit to help organizers plan accessible events

Campus Climate

USC Housing improvements in collaboration with Residential Education, including co-ed housing options across USC Housing and RA wellness programming

Diversity training for registered student organizations

Create a USG Director of Community Engagement to focus on positive outreach to the surrounding community

Focus on sustainability across campus, including installing more recycling bins, solar capabilities, and motion-sensor lights, reducing plastic use and water consumption, conducting sustainability reviews of USC Transportation vehicles, and collaborating with USC Hospitality to create sustainable menu options and progress towards a zero-waste dining hall system

Student Resources

Renew support for RCC and student organizations, including redistribution of USG funding to directly impact student-driven initiatives and creating extra storage space within Lyon Center

USC Transportation improvements, including the implementation of LAX Fly-away bus stop at USC, USC Airport Shuttle, or more Lyft airport discounts and expansion of the “Fryft” program

Affordable, community-friendly options in the USC Village

Expand Trojan Food Pantry through extended hours and access for faculty and staff

Develop the Virtual Wellness Assistant to be an interactive comprehensive resource

Establish a centrally located International Students Resource Center

Increase number of study spaces during peak times




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