Executive Platform


Add a Palestinian flag to the Center for International and Public Affairs

Establish a Mentorship and First Year Adjustment Program for the BIPOC community

Restart HBCU Exchange Program

Revise and improve system for students and faculty to report and track instances of injustice, microaggressions, racial slurs and any and all racial injustice

Ensure that transcriptions and recordings are available after we end online classes

Add ASL as a foreign language option

Continue to advocate for a student sitting on the Board of Trustees

Demand campus-wide ADA Compliance

Push administrators to engage with and pursue demands featured in the IDEAS at USC Petition including but not limited to: Increased academic support, health counseling, and legal services



 Expand student eligibility for USC’s Food Pantry

Establish Transfer System for unused meal swipes at dining halls

Make apartment meal plan non-mandatory

Adjust pricing for meal plans to accommodate for low-income students



 Support a joint campaign between Vote SC and PSA that ensures that students have easy access to voting this November 


Push for the hiring of more therapists and other mental health professionals that reflect the backgrounds of all student groups- particularly students of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities

Seeking to address and mitigate the mental health affects of student activism and of a global pandemic

Permitted excused “mental health” days for students throughout the semester

Mandatory “breaks” in zoom classes that are longer than 2 hours

Establish the USC Syllabus Bank

Create a universal collection of syllabi for USC courses that can be accessed by all students prior to course registration

Provide a P/NP grading option for all undergraduate classes



Provide menstrual products in on-campus restrooms and in freshman residential hall communal restrooms

Establish Free STI testing at Engemann Health Center

Supply more wellness vending machines on campus that contain cost-affordable products

Support victims of sexual assault by making the path to a rape kit less physically and mentally exhausting

Hire a full-time sexual-assault nurse at Engemann to administer rape kits and trauma care

OR Streamline process to send victims of sexual assault to HSC campus with a mental health expert


Initiate a program that provides students with free transportation to and from unpaid internships within a regulated radius surrounding campus

Mitigate the cost of USC enrollment in summer classes to obtain school credit for unpaid internships

Establish an internship fund for international students, so they don’t have to pay to participate in unpaid internships.



Push for a ban on all single-use plastics (not just water bottles) starting in Fall 2021

Advocate for paperless receipts for all On-Campus and Village vendors

Continue to support USC’s 2028 Sustainability Plan

Advocate for socially responsible investment within the USC Endowment

Investment with an emphasis on green energy and community investment

Support DivestSC in their pursuit of an endowment free of fossil fuel investments

ESG Investment


Continue to provide feedback and support to USC’s Administration as they address the fallout of COVID-19

Prioritize the academic needs of international students and other students displaced by COVID-19

Formalize University funding for Trojan Shelter

Reform absence policies to prioritize awareness of diverse religious holidays, time zones and overall student wellbeing

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