Truman Fritz & Rose Ritch



Hey everyone! We are Truman and Rose, and we’re honored to run to serve as your next President and Vice President. We are running because we passionately believe this school can overcome its challenges, live up to its fullest potential, and help you thrive. As an Executive Officer and Senator in USG, and through our involvement in on-campus leadership roles, we’ve learned a lot about how USG and USC can impact the lives of students. We understand the struggles of the student experience and know the importance of addressing these concerns for our students, community, and the Trojan Family. We know firsthand what it’s like to feel ignored by administrators, to fight for appointments at the Health Center, to struggle to find community on campus, and to experience the pain of losing a friend. And we know students deserve more. The potential of the student body motivates us to fight for you. The challenges are clear, and we want to work with you to overcome them. We plan to engage with issues head on and include you in those conversations. We love this school tremendously and see the potential it has to flourish when USG empowers all Trojans. Fight on!


  • Prioritize a shift in academic and mental health culture through Presidential Culture Commission
  • Increase number and diversity of student health counselors
  • Expand free HIV testing to encompass all STI testing
  • Expand basic needs services by providing formal funding to Trojan Shelter, expanding staff at Trojan Food Pantry, and making on-campus eateries accessible to all socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Improve relationship between DPS and the student body through regular town halls and community events
  • Expand upon free tampon and Narcan kit pilot programs for campus-wide distribution
  • Pressure campus planners to establish and expand physical spaces for LGBTQ+, DACA, DREAMers, first-generation, and Native American student communities 
  • Formalize USG Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council to directly advise student leaders
  • Expand resources for spring admit and transfer students and reform unequal orientation experiences
  • Improve academic accessibility through widespread class lecture recordings
  • Amplify student concerns directly to administrators through creation of an anonymous student feedback platform and frequent Trustees events
  • Improve decision-making transparency of administrators and Board of Trustees through student advisory groups and published committee meetings notes
  • Increase connectivity between student leaders and USG through Student Leadership Coalition 
  • Partner with USG Hospitality to phase out single-use plastic products and incorporate recyclable receipt paper
  • Increase outdoor water stations and promote reusable bottle use by banning bottled water from being sold on campus
  • Collaborate with Greek life, Residential Education, and registered student organizations to improve sustainability practices and zero-waste education

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