Your USG Senate 2019-20

The 139th Class of Senators

Elected Platforms

Senators Emily Donahue & Christopher McMorran

  • Increase USG transparency within the organization, and expand collaboration with other campus organizations
  • Work towards permanent student representation on the USC Board of Trustees
  • Implement Town Hall meetings for students to ensure that all voices on campus are being heard—and that there is a physical space for students to voice opinions and concerns
  • Create and strengthen mentorship programs for first-generation and underrepresented minority students that are tailored to specific needs
  • Work with USC Transportation services to implement Shuttles to LAX and expanded “Fryft” services
  • Increase student awareness of underutilized campus resources already included with tuition

Senators Angela Chuang & Emily Johnson

Health and Wellness

  • Expansion of emergency services at Engemann Health Center to help students avoid costly ambulance/hospital bills
  • Redesign of Engemann Website so that it is more visually appealing and functional for students and staff (in particular, for students using it in the case of emergencies or in the case of reporting sexual assault)
  • Gain free access to the Calm app for USC students again and improve upon the Mindful USC App
  • Have more mental health professionals at Engemann in order to reduce the time students have to wait for a counseling appointment

Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Expansion of bystander programs to reach more RSO’s and all leadership of Greek Life to heighten awareness on how to prevent sexual assault and medical emergencies
  • Advocate for improved or in person workshops to replace the Safety and Wellness online courses required for freshman

Student Services and Community Integration

  • Mentorship programs for First Generation students, International students, Spring Admit students, and Transfer students to assist their assimilation to university life
  • Provide a physical, non-exclusive space for all students to feel at home on our campus
  • First Generation Students
  • Better delivery of resources before semester starts
  • Programs/workshops throughout the year that aim to connect First Generation students with fellow First Generation students and student wellness resources 

Transfer Students

  • Expand orientation program to encompass two days
  • Expand housing opportunities and resources
  • Create a physical space for transfer students

Academic Reforms

  • Require more detailed course descriptions on Web Registration, especially for the Freshman General Education Seminars
  • Create a syllabus bank or require more departments to post syllabi for transparency of course expectations before the semester begins


  • Provide recycle/compost bins in the USC Village Dining Hall
  • Increase awareness of how to properly dispose of food at all dining halls

Senators Rose Ritch & Omar Garcia

Inclusive climate

  • Cultivate first generation student experience 
  • Continue USG commitment to counter hate speech
  • Advance faculty cultural competency training


  • Call for financial transparency from USC administration
  • Promote developments at Engemann Health Center
  • Publicize impact of Zero Waste Initiative

Safety and wellness

  • Extend Lyft and Campus Cruiser boundaries and hours
  • Advocate for effective mental health resources
  • Improve policies in de-escalating mental health crises
  • Protect student privacy in emergency situations

Senator Benjamin Shiff

  • Ensure that every decision made by the administration is done for the benefit of every student

  • Institute Title IX and mental health training for the executive board of every organization every year

  • Advocate for the Greek life community to the administration

  • Providing more artistic opportunities for our students leads to a more vibrant campus life

Senators Hailey Robertson & Ben Rosenthal

Safety & Wellness

  • Mental health resource expansion
  • Extended hours and expanded radius for Lyft program
  • Rape kits and date rape drug testing at Engemann
  • Metro passes for students
  • Accessible food nutrition information

Student Life

  • Foster an improved relationship between Greek life and administration
  • Improve spring admit orientation and provide more resources for integration
  • Student representation on Board of Trustees
  • Grading deadline for faculty
  • Vending machine accessibility on campus
  • Increase funds allocated to RSO sponsored events
  • Adjust tailgate policy to reflect student interests

Hospitality and Residential

  • Kosher and Halal food availability in dining halls
  • Dining hall take-out container program
  • Extended gym and dining hall hours
  • Ability to use dining dollars at USC Village
  • Access to laundry and printing with Student ID

Senator Randi Anderson

  • Staff EMTs on the row
  • Improve accessibility for the cultural assemblies
  • Syllabus Bank
  • 4 units free audit
  • Restructure arts committee(s)
  • Restructure spring admit system
  • Restructure dining hall meal plans to accommodate for low-income students
  • Parking permits
  • Information accessibility
  • Transparency
  • Advocate for USC’s professors by encouraging the establishment of a pay floor for non-tenured professors

    Senators Harley Garland & Sara Khoshniyati


    • Installation of permanent counseling services at Engemann Student Health Center, including: complimentary counseling services instead of referrals, employment of professional psychologists with varying specialties, and subset of psychologists aimed at helping victims of sexual assault
    • Installation of a safe space for victims of sexual assault – open 24/7 on campus with services aimed at helping victims understand the situation, helping them heal, and offering a space of compassion and empathy
    • Improving online resources for sexual assault to make navigating resources easier – Title IX and RSVP websites to provide clear information after an attack
    • Implementation of sexual assault reports, modeled after UC Berkeley’s Annual Report on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment that is available to students

    Student Life and Sustainability

    • Allowing the use of dining dollars at an increased number of restaurants and services at USC, including but not limited to: Target, Trader Joe’s, and other restaurant vendors
    • Work with restaurants around campus to introduce USC student discounts on commonly visited restaurants and stores, modeled after student discounts in Westwood restaurants and stores
    • Implementing a Spring Admit Mentorship Program and working to improve Spring Admit Student orientation to offer 2 day orientations, with an overnight stay
    • Increase the number of water fountains all over campus
    • Increase the number of recycling and compost bins, placed next to trash cans on campus
    • Incentivizing the use of more sustainable waste products in businesses on campus, such as the utilization of paper instead of plastic
    • Improving SJACS response to allegations related to Greek life – working to define a mandated protocol related to allegation response and ensuring every organization is entitled to due process
    • Extending library hours, so as to offer students more places to study/work
    • Extending gymnasium hours during finals week




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