What is the Communications Branch?

The Communications Branch is the primary liaison between USG, the student body, media, and other third-party actors. The members of the branch strive to create transparency from within USG and to communicate all of USG’s projects, events, and initiatives. This work is done through the Strategic Partnerships, Elections and Recruitment, Marketing, Graphics, and Media teams.

Our key mission as the Communications Branch this coming year is to (1) improve our brand and public perception, (2) expand our presence in everyday student life, and (3) reestablish USG as a central organization for student concerns.

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The creative services team works in conjunction with the entire organization, overseeing all aspects of graphic design. The team has approval over all graphics being used by the organization and works to best represent the organization through events, infographics, motion graphics, promotional items, etc.


The digital strategy team promotes and markets all aspects of USG. They are charged with organizing promotional events, external office hours, forums, information sessions, and open houses. The team also works with USG Programming committees and assemblies to market USG at events and works to best portray the organization.


The Media team promotes USG initiatives and events through social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. They are responsible for communicating the organization’s work and events to the student body, and spearheading campaigns to promote the organization.


The Operations team works to help oversee all project management and internal logistics of the Communications Department, including but not limited to project tracking, event scheduling, and paperwork coordination. They are the project managers for all USG communications campaigns, initiatives, and projects through their duration.


The public relations team is responsible for managing relationships and partnerships with external entities, including but not limited to student media, registered student organizations, staff, faculty, and the student body at large. They also work on drafting public statements, press releases, community letters, and memorandums relating to USG or its subsidiary bodies.