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SCÜP Update

Launched in 2022, USG has worked towards sustainable transportation with the continued success of the SCÜP program. This initiative was a pilot program started during the 2022-2023 academic year, created in order to reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by...

Reinstatement of AAA Scholarships

The University of Southern California (USC) has announced the reinstatement of the Academic Achievement Award (AAA) Scholarship program, a decision influenced by weeks of community feedback, including a petition supported by thousands advocating for the scholarship's...

New Cabinet Appointments

As the year comes to a close, USG is ready to welcome its new cabinet for the 2024-2025 academic year:  President: Bryan Fernandez Gonzalez  Vice President: Brianna Sanchez  Chief of Staff: Sofia Coen  Chief Financial Officer: Chisom Obioha  Chief Programming...

Medical Supply Vending Machine

The USC Village offers a convenient solution to accessing over-the-counter medications, health supplies, and hygiene products even during the middle of the night. The vending machine is a partnership between USC pharmacies and USC Student Health and offers a range of...

Laundry Stipend

Do you currently live in USC Housing? Or have lived in USC Housing during your time here at SC? If yes, USG is asking for your help in expanding USC Housing Resident’s printing stipend to be able to be applied towards laundry expenses. On average, each load of laundry...

Wellness: A USC Student’s Guide to Wellness Resources

As a USC student, there are a multitude of different wellness resources at your disposal. These resources are intended to be used by YOU and to support YOU with whatever YOU may need. Below we have broadly listed some of the resources available to you. However, USG...

Funding Resources

USG is here to support student ideas, projects, and initiatives through funding. If you’re interested in getting funding from USG then submit an application!  Who is eligible to apply? Registered USC students and recognized student organizations who have completed the...

Financial Aid Call Back System Project

Are you a student who receives need and/or merit based financial aid? Whether you’re directly involved with the USC Financial Aid Office or not, we hope to improve the overall USC Financial Aid Office experience via telephone.  The Financial Aid Call Back System...


Response to Conflict within Israel-Palestine
Response to SCOTUS Decision in Dobbs
Response to SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision
Response to Fraternity Disaffiliation

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