Welcome to the funding DEPARTMENT!

We’re here to offer our support to student programs, ideas, and development. If you’re interested in funding, please look over the information and resources below. Determine what your funding needs are, and review the policies for such. After reviewing the policies, you will have the chance to proceed to the actual funding applications.

Please contact if you have questions. Student organizations and individuals who reach out with their funding questions and concerns are more successful in the funding process than those who do not.

Read the USG annual FY24 financial report here!


As of February 20, 2024, below is the Estimated Remaining Funding in the Department:

Total Remaining $0 out of $349,000

The Funding Department received 434 funding applications by February 14, 2024, therefore depleting the entire Funding Department Budget for the remainder of the year. This achievement is noteworthy, considering that in the previous school year, only 375 applications were received by March 7, 2023. This school year, we surpassed that number more rapidly, resulting in a remarkable 16% increase in applications reviewed throughout the year and a notable 36% increase in applications reviewed at this same point in the previous school year. All applications received prior to the closing of applications were processed, and decisions were communicated. Importantly, no Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) had their funding revoked due to the closure of applications. In April, the Chief Financial Officer will publish a financial report detailing the spending of the Funding Department to be made available on the website.

USG Funding Application 

This form is to be used by Recognized Student Organizations and USC undergraduate students to request funds from the USG Funding Department. Funding applications will be open once a week on Wednesdays and close at 11:59 PM.



The application breakdown presentation below debriefs what each board can and cannot fund. For the full guidelines breakdown, see the linked funding guidelines.

Fund Descriptions

Within our department, we have the ability to allocate up to $349,000 toward undergraduate students and RSOs throughout the school year. 

Professional & Academic Fund

The Professional/Academic Research Fund shall provide funding for events programmed by recognized student organizations that help educate and advance students’ future professional careers and academic research projects conducted by either a USC undergraduate student or a group of USC students, the majority of which are undergraduate students.

Philanthropy Fund

The Philanthropy Fund shall provide funding for community service projects sponsored by recognized student organizations.

Social & Recreation/Startup Fund

The Social and Recreation/Startup Fund shall provide funding for events programmed by recognized student organizations to celebrate, highlight, or foster a sense of community for the student group and student organizations first registered with the Office of Campus Activities within the last two academic semesters (fall or spring) for the use of promotion and membership recruitment.

Performing & Visual Arts Fund

The Performing and Visual Arts Fund shall provide funding for events programmed by recognized student organizations to celebrate, highlight, or foster a sense of community.

Application Timeline

For more info on application deadline windows, view the breakdown here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get funding? Where is the application?

To apply for funding, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the Funding Guidelines and the Funding Guidelines Modules during the RSO Recognition process. USG Funding will process payments on your behalf. The USG Funding Application can be accessed through EngageSC.

How much funding is available per organization?

Individual organizations can receive a maximum of $8,000 from the USG Funding Department per year.

When should I submit my application?

Applications must be submitted on Wednesdays by 11:59 PM six academic weeks before the event date when using an approved vendor, and eight academic weeks before the event date for new vendors and travel. Please review the Funding Application Deadlines for eligible event dates and submission deadlines.

My organization has received funding in the past but was denied, why is that?

Funding is not guaranteed and depends on various factors, and we recommend submitting applications early and exploring other funding sources throughout USC.

What are other sources of funding besides USG?

Students have several options for funding, including fundraising, crowdfunding through IgniteSC, membership fees, USC Academic Departments, USC Grants, fellowships or scholarships, programming assemblies and committees, partnering with other RSOs, and receiving donations from donors or USC alumni.

View an exhaustive list of FAQs here. For questions pertaining to your specific application, please contact