Welcome to the funding branch!

We’re here to offer our support to student programs, ideas, and development. If you’re interested in funding, please look over the information and resources below. Determine what your funding needs are, and review the policies for such. After reviewing the policies, you will have the chance to proceed to the actual funding applications.

Please contact the Chief Financial Officer ( or one of the funding directors if you have questions. Student organizations and individuals who reach out with their funding questions and concerns are more successful in the funding process than those who do not.

Sample Funding Presentation

Take a look at a sample PowerPoint presentation used for applying to a funding board below. A special thanks to the Trojan Knights for letting us upload their presentation as a sample.

Funding Guidelines

Below is a funding guide that provides a glance at what the different boards can and cannot fund. Please keep in mind that this visual guide is not all inclusive in its details, so please click on each Fund’s name to read all the Funding policies as it applies to each fund. For more details, please refer to our USG Funding Branch Guidelines.

Fund Information

Within our department, we have the ability to allocate up to $371,000 toward undergraduate students and RSOs throughout the school year. Each of six funds listed below has a funding guideline that outlines the specifics of the application process and the criteria of your application needed in order to receive funds.

  1. Apply using the forms on the Campus Activities website.
  2. There are four components to the application:
    • General Information
    • Short Answer
    • Individual Expense Description Form
    • Policy Compliance & Final Submission


      3. A member of the board will follow up to set a time for your presentation.

      4. Our delegates will respond with either approval or denial with regard to your application.

      5. If approved, our team will process the payment and backend paperwork.

      6. Within the week after your project or event, you must fill out this After Event Evaluation Form.

        • After Event Evaluation Form must include a picture of all members in attendance 
        • Receipts must be submitted no later than two business days after the event.
      Philanthropy Fund

      The Philanthropy Fund provides funds for organizations to do hands-on community service and outreach.

      If you have any questions, please email 

      • Director: Aakriti Singh
      • Assistant Director: Samuel Stack
      Academic and Social Recreation Funds

      The purpose of the Academic Research Fund is to provide support for undergraduate students who conduct research projects, attend academic conferences, and pursue other research-oriented academic interests.

      The Social & Recreation Fund provides funding for events programmed by recognized student organizations to celebrate, highlight, or foster a sense of community for the student group.

      If you have any questions, please email 

      • Assistant Director: Lauren Kim
      Accessibility Fund

      The Accessibility Fund provides funding for programs that will contribute to developing physical and/or institutional access for disadvantaged demographics on campus. This fund works to expand what accessibility looks like and means to students on and around campus.

      Social Innovation Grant

      The goal of the Social Innovation Grant is to provide all students with the opportunity to pursue short-term projects centered around student needs and the needs of the surrounding community. Projects must fall within at least one of our three themes, Health or Access to Healthcare, Career Development, Tech-based Pilot Programs.

      Professional Fund

      The purpose of the professional fund is to provide funding for events programmed by student-run, undergraduate organizations that host events that help educate and advance students’ future professional careers.

      The professional fund is not accepting applications at this time. If you have any questions, please email

      • Director: Trent Collins
      • Assistant Director: Spencer Dee
      Performing & Visual Arts, Cultural, and Startup Funds

      The Performing & Visual Arts Fund is established to fund events programmed by recognized student organizations to celebrate, highlight, or foster a sense of community.

      The Cultural Fund shall provide funding for events programmed by recognized student organizations to celebrate, highlight, or foster a sense of community for a cultural group.

      The Startup Fund provides funding for student organizations first registered with the Office of Campus Activities within the last two academic semesters (fall or spring) for the use of promotion and membership recruitment.

      If you have any questions, please email 

      • Director: Devika Malhotra
      • Assistant Director: Juliana Badra



        Green Engagement Fund

        The Green Engagement Fund aims to provide financial support for programs, initiatives, and projects that explore new experiences and build community and culture through sustainability and environmental justice.

        How do I get funding? Where is the application?

        To access applications, you can go to the campus activities website, click on “EngageSC” in the top left banner, sign in, and click on “Forms” in the top right corner. All of the forms are located in the drop-down list, where you can start a new application.

        How do I know if my project is eligible for funding?

        Review our funding guidelines. This document outlines what items are and are not eligible for funding. We encourage an open dialogue about your application while you are applying. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns early on in your process.

        How much funding is available per organization?

        This depends on the Fund you are applying to. Maximum allocations range from $500 to $5,000.

        How much money is left in each fund?

        Please refer to our Budget Trackers!

        What was the Funding Board Workshop?

        We held our workshop in August to answer questions and provide more insight into the funding process. You can access the slides using this link.

        How is Covid-19 policy affecting what is fundable?

        Please visit for the latest updates. 

        University Events guidelines:

        Budget Tracker

        See USG’s detailed budget breakdown!

        Performing & Visual Arts, Cultural, and Startup


        Green Engagement

        Academic, Social and Recreation



        Apply for funding!