Executive Branch

The faces that represent you

What We Do

The USG Executive Branch is the overseeing body of the Undergraduate Student Government.  It is comprised of the elected President, Divya Jakatdar, Vice President, Michelle Lu, their Chief of Staff, David Martinez, and the Executive Cabinet that oversees the functions of the different departments within USG.  The Executive Branch also contains the USG Communications, Programming and Funding departments. 

What We Stand For

Committed to showing up,

determined to get it right.

Getting it right means: Breaking Barriers, Prioritizing Inclusion, Protecting Trojans, Thinking Ahead.

Who We Are

  • President Divya Jakatdar
  • Vice President  Michelle Lu
  • Chief of Staff  David Martinez
  • Chief Financial Officer  Khalil Daniels
  • Chief Communications Officer  Mustafa Ali Khan
  • Chief Programming Officer  Kayla Parayno
  • Chief Diversity Officer  Kaleb Stephens
  • Speaker of the Senate  Rudra Saigal