Our Resources

A comprehensive list of resources provided or initiated by USG and our USC campus partners.

Disabled Access to Road Transportation

DART is a free service provided by USC Transportation to assist USC students, faculty and staff with temporary mobility issues in getting around campus. Service is available at UPC during the Fall and Spring semesters only, between the hours of 8:30am–6:00pm, Monday–Friday.

Ask Ari

USC’s virtual wellness assistant, Ask Ari, can help you navigate complex problems that often arise in college life. This research-based informational tool can help you deal with issues like stress, sleep, relationships, and more. It also is a great place to find information about campus resources or figure out where to get additional help with a wellness-related problem.

Free Legal Counseling

Have a dispute with your landlord or insurance company? Every Monday from 4-9pm in USG’s Office, TCC 224, free legal counseling services are offered!

30-Minute Appointments

Call (213)-740-5620 or come into the office to book an appointment.

Free Blue Books

Available in the USG Office, TCC 224, 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday

USG Advocacy Task Forces

USG task forces are official means for students to address prominent and/or sudden issues that will require extensive collaboration across multiple members and branches of USG.

Reach out to usgcdo@usc.edu for more information.


Free HIV Testing

AHIV testing will be provided on campus by USC Student Health at both Engemann and Eric
Cohen student health centers, and is available to undergraduate and graduate students. 

Any student may request information from the TFP staff regarding California state benefits, including CalFresh, EBT, and SNAP.

Trojan Food Pantry

Any currently enrolled USC student who is experiencing a food emergency/food insecurity qualifies for the services of the Trojan Food Pantry. 

Any student may request information from the TFP staff regarding California state benefits, including CalFresh, EBT, and SNAP.

Public Statements, Resolutions, and Legislation

The USG Executive Team and Senate can help support you regarding responding to campus issues, advocating for University improvements, and represent your interests to USC officials.


EngageSC is USC’s primary online platform to engage in extracurricular events, access student organization information, and apply for USG funding. 



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at USC

Have an issue relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus? USG’s Chief Diversity Officer is here to help connect you to USC’s multiple resource centers, inform you about various services, and find ways to support you in any way. Contact usgcdo@usc.edu.

Ombuds Office

The USC Office of the Ombuds will provide a safe place on both campuses for faculty, students, and staff to navigate policies, issues, concerns, and conflicts without fear of reprisal or judgement. In doing so, the Office will promote and embody an ethical, empathetic, and engaged university culture committed to problem-solving, dispute resolution, and workplace wellness.


RSO and Student Funding

USG can help sponsor your organization’s event and your academic pursuits! Check out the funding opportunities through our various funds at usg.usc.edu/funding.

Late Night ‘SC

Late Night ‘SC is a series of free late-night social programs open to all USC students! Events take place Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9pm-2am.

Recreational Club Sports

USG and GSG are proud sponsors of USC’s recreational club sports teams! If you’re interested in exploring the more than 50 teams or joining a sport, check out below.

USC Office of Sustainability

Over the past decade, sustainability at USC has been a shared responsibility that touches all facets of our community. Since 2008, the university is focused on integrating sustainability as a core value in USC’s strategic planning, and implementing impactful sustainability initiatives.


USC Department of Public Safety

The USC Department of Public Safety (DPS) is one of the largest campus public safety departments in the United States employing 306 full-time personnel and 30 part-time student workers.


Free New York Times subscription for all students

Want a quick news update on your walk to class? USG and GSG offer all students a free annual subscription to the New York Times using your USC email. 

Friends & Neighbors Day (FND)

3 times a semester, USC hosts a FND to connect students to local volunteer opportunities. Participate in an event to meet new people and make an impact in your surrounding community.

Student Affairs Resources

The Division of Student Affairs at USC offers many resources ranging from cultural resource centers, to academic and career services, as well as religious, safety, disability, Title IX, well-being, and many other support services. 

USC Office of Campus Wellbeing & Education

Thrive @ USC is one of three integrated offices in CWCI, which also includes USC Support an Advocacy and the Threat Assessment Office. Together, these three offices reflect the understanding that the university culture is shaped both by how it responds to crisis, and importantly, its efforts to cultivate a culture of compassion, connection, trust, well-being, and support from the outset.


Student Resource Centers


(213) 740-1480 | ecc@usc.edu | STU 402


(213) 740-7619 | lgbt@usc.edu | STU 202B


(213) 821-2402 | RAN 262


(213) 740-3691 | THH 321

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