What is the Legislative Branch?

The Legislative Branch of USG is the representative and decision-making body for undergraduate students in any university or local community issue. Made up of the popularly-elected Senate, they seek to represent the interests of the undergraduate students and their specific constituencies. Their work is supported by the help of the Parliamentarian and Secretary.

Your Senators

The Senate consists of twelve elected Senators who represent the interests of the undergraduate students of USC.

If you have an idea or project to make USC a better place, the Senate is a great place to start. Our Senators are passionate about improving USC and love to partner with similarly passionate students. Whether you have a long-term project in mind or just want to change something about campus, contact our Senators to make that vision a reality.

Senators also have a vast knowledge of campus resources and serve as excellent advocates for campus organizations. If you are interested in having a Senator at your student organization, contact the Speaker of the Senate at usgsots@usc.edu.

Funding Opportunities

The Senate has a funding board that students, student organizations, and branches of USG can apply to. Senators vote on whether to fund a project based a presentation made our weekly Senate meeting. To apply for funding for Senate funding for your project or event, contact the Speaker Pro Tempore, four weeks prior to your event.

See Senate minutes, updates, and more below.

Senate Legislation Tracker

See the current bills and reports going through the Senate!

Name and Number of BillDate IntroducedSponsoring Senator(s)Committee(s) AssignedVote SummaryDate of Final ActionDirected ActionFinal Status
Elections Commissioner Hiring1/21/2020Senate Floor1/21/2020-Presented
USG Vice President January 2020 Updates1/21/2020Senate Floor1/21/2020-Presented
USG Speaker of the Senate January 2020 Updates 1/21/2020Senate Floor1/21/2020-Presented
USG Chief of Staff January 2020 Updates1/21/2020Senate Floor1/21/2020-Presented
Black Student Assembly Hiring1/14/2020Senate Floor12-0-01/21/2020-Passed
Undergraduate Transportation Survey Results & Recommendations1/14/2020Senate Floor1/14/2020-Presented
USG Senior Director of Programming January 2020 Updates1/14/2020Senate Floor1/14/2020-Presented
USG Treasurer 2020 Updates1/14/2020Senate Floor1/14/2020-Presented
USG President January 2020 Updates1/14/2020Senate Floor1/14/2020-Presented
Fall 2019 Budget Reallocation12/3/2019Senate Floor12-0-01/14/2020-Passed
Elections & Recruitment Assistant Director Hiring12/3/2019Senate Floor12-0-01/14/2020-Passed
Senator McMorran Presentation12/3/2019Senate Floor12/3/2019-Presented
Senator Khoshniyati Presentation12/3/2019Senate Floor12/3/2019-Presented
Chief Justice Appointment 12/3/2019Senate Floor12/3/2019-Presented
Chief Diversity Officer December Update12/3/2019Senate Floor12/3/2019-Presented
Senior Director of Communications December Update12/3/2019Senate Floor12/3/2019-Presented
SB139-13: Resolution on the Incorporation of the Student Assembly for Accessibility 11/19/2019Robertson, Rosenthal Senate Floor12/3/2019-Passed
Senator Johnson Presentation11/19/2019Senate Floor11/19/2019-Presented
Senator Garland Presentation11/19/2019Senate Floor11/19/2019-Presented
USG Treasurer November Updates11/19/2019Senate Floor11/19/2019-Presented
USG Vice President November Update11/19/2019Senate Floor11/19/2019-Presented
Senator Garcia Presentation11/12/2019Senate Floor11/12/2019-Presented
Senator Chuang Presentation11/12/2019Senate Floor11/12/2019-Presented
Speaker of the Senate November Update11/12/2019Senate Floor11/12/2019-Presented
Chief of Staff November Update11/12/2019Senate Floor11/12/2019-Presented
SB139-11: Resolution on the Transfer Forgiveness Program11/5/2019Johnson, Ritch, RosenthalSenate Floor12-0-011/12/2019-Passed
SB 139-10: Resolution In Support of USC Service Worker Contract Renegotiation11/5/2019Chuang, Anderson, Donahue Senate Floor12-0-011/12/2019-Passed
SB139-12: USG Elections Code 2020/ Presentation11/5/2019Senate Floor11-0-111/19/2019-Passed
Senator Anderson Updates11/5/2019Senate Floor-11/5/2019-Presented
Senator Shiff Presentation11/5/2019Senate Floor-11/5/2019-Presented
USG Senior Director of Programming 2019 Updates11/5/2019Senate Floor-11/5/2019-Presented
USG President November 2019 Updates11/5/2019Senate Floor-11/5/2019-Presented
SB139-9: VOID
SB139-8: Joint Resolution in Support of CalFresh at USC Campus Eateries10/22/2019Donahue, Khoshniyati Senate Floor12-0-011/19/2019EndorsementPassed
SB139-7: Resolution in Support of ASUU's Concerns Regarding the Death of Lauren McCluske10/22/2019Donahue, Garland, Anderson, McMorranSenate Floor12-0-010/29/2019EndorsementPassed
Senator Ritch Presentation10/22/2019Senate Floor-10/22/2019-Presented
Senator McMorran Presentation10/22/2019Senate Floor-10/22/2019-Presented
Senior Director of Communications October 2019 Updates10/22/2019Senate Floor-10/22/2019-Presented
Chief Diversity Officer October 2019 Updates10/22/2019Senate Floor-10/22/2019-Presented
Senator Johnson Presentation10/15/2019Senate Floor-10/15/2019-Presented
Senator Khoshniyati Presentation10/15/2019Senate Floor-10/15/2019-Presented
USG Treasurer Updates October 201910/15/2019Senate Floor-10/15/2019-Presented
USG Chief of Staff Updates October 201910/15/2019Senate Floor-10/15/2019-Presented
SB139-6: SLAC Support Resolution10/8/2019Donahue, McMorranSenate Floor11-0-010/15/2019EndorsementDelivered to Listed Recipients
Senator Garland Updates10/8/2019Senate Floor-10/8/2019-Presented
Senator Garcia Updates10/8/2019Senate Floor-10/8/2019-Presented
Senator Anderson Updates10/8/2019Senate Floor-10/8/2019-Presented
USG Judicial Council Hiring10/8/2019Senate Floor-10/8/2019-Presented
USG Fall 2019 Hiring10/8/2019Senate Floor11-0-010/15/2019-Presented
USG Speaker of the Senate October 2019 Updates10/8/2019Senate Floor-10/8/2019-Presented
USG Vice President October 2019 Updates10/8/2019Senate Floor-10/8/2019-Presented
Pro Consent Reusable Cups10/1/2019Senate Floor-10/1/2019-Tabled
Senator Chuang Updates10/1/2019Senate Floor-10/1/2019-Presented
USG Senior Director of Programming October 2019 Updates10/1/2019Senate Floor-10/1/2019-Presented
USG President October 2019 Updates10/1/2019Senate Floor-10/1/2019-Presented
USG-Student Affairs Collaborative Working Agreement9/24/2019Anderson, Chuang, Donahue, Garcia, Garland, Johnson, McMorran, Ritch, Rosenthal, ShiffSenate Floor-9/24/19-Passed
USG Senior Director of Communications September 2019 Updates9/24/2019-Senate Floor-9/24/19-Presented
USG Chief Diversity Officer September 2019 Updates9/24/2019-Senate Floor-9/24/19-Presented
USG Treasurer September 2019 Updates9/17/2019-Senate Floor-9/17/19-Presented
USG Vice President September 2019 Updates9/17/2019-Senate Floor-9/17/19-Presented
SB139-5: Publication of USC Learning Evaluations for Students9/17/2019Anderson, Chuang, Donahue, Garcia, Garland, Johnson, McMorran, Ritch, Rosenthal, ShiffSenate Floor12-0-09/24/19Call to ActionDelivered to Listed Recipients
Chief of Justice Appointment Presentation9/10/2019-Senate Floor-9/17/19TabledTabled
USG Speaker of the Senate September 2019 Updates9/10/2019-Senate Floor-9/10/2019-Presented
USG Chief of Staff September 2019 Updates9/10/2019-Senate Floor-9/10/2019-Presented
USG President September 2019 Updates9/3/2019-Senate Floor-9/3/2019-Presented
USG Senior Director of Programming September 2019 Updates9/3/2019-Senate Floor-9/3/2019-Presented
SB139-4: In Support of the USC Trojan Council8/27/2019Donahue, RobertsonSenate Floor12-0-09/3/2019EndorsementDelivered to Listed Recipients
SB139-3: Statement of Support for California Assembly Bill 15104/23/2019Ritch, McMorran, Johnson, Robertson, Garland, Shiff, Donahue, Chuang, KhoshniyatiSenate Floor10-0-04/23/2019EndorsementDelivered to Listed Recipients
SB139-2: Reintroduction of SB138-8 for Continuing Approval4/16/2019Chuang, JohnsonSenate Floor10-0-04/23/2019Continuing ApprovalEnacted
SB139-1: Reintroduction of SB138-5 for Continuing Approval4/16/2019Garland, JohnsonSenate Floor10-0-04/23/2019Continuing ApprovalEnacted
END OF TERM — SENATE 18/19******************************************
Code of Ethics Amendements Omnibus Bill3/26/2019CraneSenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019Amend Code of EthicsAwaiting Approval from USC Student Affairs
Bylaw Amendments Omnibus Bill3/26/2019CraneSenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019Amend BylawsAwaiting Approval from USC Student Affairs
Constitutional Amendments Omnibus Bill3/26/2019CraneSenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019Amend ConstitutionAwaiting Approval from USC Student Affairs
Res. 1203262019 -- University of Southern California as a Sanctuary Campus3/26/2019BwerevuSenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019EndorsementEnacted
Res. 0903262019 -- USC Learning Experience Evaluations Resolution3/26/2019Tan, Crane, Gupta, Sherman, GeschwindSenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019Call to ActionEnacted
Res. 0803262019 -- Funding of Undergraduate Student Government Endowment via Unspent Budget3/26/2019Crane, Sherman, TanSenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019Allocation of FundsEnacted
Res. 0703262019 -- Improved Representation in Von Kleinsmid Center Flag Installation3/26/2019Bwerevu, Lane, MurphySenate Floor12-0-04/2/2019Call to ActionEnacted
Res. 0502192019 -- Implementation of Bystander Training for Student Organization Leadership2/19/2019Crane, Gupta, Halperin, Savage, Tan, Geschwind, Bwerevu, Sherman, KohantebSenate Floor12-0-02/26/2019EndorsementEnacted

*Data has been truncated for brevity. Further details on Senate Resolutions, as well as the full text of all resolutions, can be found from the live legislation tracker.